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  • Investigation in relation to psychological harassment matters

  • Investigation in relation to administrative or disciplinary matters

  • Discrimination investigation based on, inter alia, racial or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or age

  • Workplace climate diagnosis

  • Mediation and conflict resolution

  • Negotiation

  • Employee and/or management training

  • Support in the implementation of human resources solutions adapted to the internal culture and values of your business

  • Whistleblower line

our approach

Our approach is above all people-oriented and we therefore advocate for the respect of each individual involved in the process, be it in a preventative manner, in the case of an actual conflict or during the course of an investigation.


The way we intervene remains focused on our clients' true needs; needs that we have taken care to identify in order to establish the best possible action plan. To achieve this, we offer an efficient and integrated approach which bridges our services and our clients' issues. 

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